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Now that summer is winding down and it’s almost back to school, I’ve been feeling guilty about not doing more with our 5 year old. I had grand plans of taking him on day long adventures, hanging out at our local park, going on more playdates, working on his fine motor skills.

The Kid, though, has been learning and playing a lot in the kitchen. When I think about the different things he’s been helping me cook, he’s actually developed a lot of skills and knowledge such as washing and prepping vegetables and herbs, picking herbs and veggies from the garden, kneading bread, rolling dough, working with pastry. We’ve talked about kitchen science, recipes, flavour combinations and where food comes from.

And he’s been able to learn through various sensory means. He touches and mixes with his hands whenever appropriate. He sniffs ingredients and dishes. He takes time to taste and describe what he tastes and he comments on the textures of food.

OK, I guess summer break hasn’t been a complete write off. The Kid did get some quality fun and learning time this summer. Not quite what I had planned but some valuable and tasty life skills.

Here are some food activities that are great for getting kids involved and eating: pesto, homemade crackers, lasagne, oatmeal banana muffinsspanakopita, mushrooms grilled in foil, growing, smelling, and picking herbs, visiting farms with u-pick, going to a farmers market.


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We are lucky enough to live an a vibrant little community with neighbours who are involved and who support local initiatives. It’s something that we really value and feel it’s important to contribute.

We live near a neighbourhood greenway, one of the few that are in Vancouver. Every so often the Kid and I head down there to enjoy the lovely garden and sit on the shaded benches. We give back by helping out with weeding or any other tasks that we see fit.

Little by little, our 20 minute weeding efforts help shape our community and give me an opportunity to teach our son about belonging in and helping the community.

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