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March 11, 2011 marks a catastrophic day in history. Japan was hit with a 9.0 earthquake and again by a resulting tsunami. A freak incident of nature. And later it was hit with a freak incident of technology when a nuclear reactor malfunctioned. Never would I have imagined that a country as prepared as Japan would be so devastated by the forces of nature and humanity.

I was profoundly affected. There have been numerous natural disasters around the world that have left me feeling helpless and devastated, but not quite like this one. What if…what if I could somehow raise a bit of money to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami? What could I do, here in my comfortable home, thousands of kilometres away? As many crafters out there know, one way to contribute is to craft.

I remembered coming across a beautiful knitted bangle pattern by Mags Kandis via Knitting Daily. And knew that it was the perfect item to knit and sell. So I started to knit. And I knit. And knit. I recall thinking to myself, “If I could sell 10 and raise $100, that would be great.” In the grand scheme of things, I knew that my contribution would be a mere drop in the bucket. But for me it was cathartic: it was a way for me to deal with the tragedy of the many lives so helplessly affected by the craziness of both nature and of mankind. It was also an opportunity to demonstrate to my child and the community that we live in that we can all help in our own ways, be it little or big.

My Bangles for Japan project was met with hugely positive response and support. Thank you so much to all those who cheered me through my efforts or bought bangles. I encourage all to help out a cause you feel worthy, and do as little or as much as you can. It makes a difference.

I’m happy to report that I was able to raise over $600 for the Canadian Red Cross Japan Earthquake Relief. Never would I have imagined.

And I *still* have yarn in my stash.


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I am knitting these gorgeous bangles to raise money for the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief.

The bangles are hand knit from wool and felted then embellished with bands of different yarn with a special motif to remind us of those affected by this terrible disaster. Each bangle is different and the particular characteristics of the yarn and felting process make each one truly unique.

The bangles are $10 each and every penny will be donated to the Red Cross. It’s my little way of doing something purposeful while sharing a bit of beauty and light during this dark time.

If you’d like to purchase one, leave a comment here with your contact info and I will get back to you. They’re a bit of a grab bag of creativity so you get what you get. But if there’s a colour you really can’t live with, let me know and I will try my best to accommodate. At this point these are available only within the Vancouver area. That way I can focus my energy and resources into making these gems rather than getting them to the post office.

Since I would like to forward donations to the Red Cross as soon as possible, I am taking orders only up until March 31, 2011.

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I bought some lovely Rowan Felted Tweed last year at the Three Bags Full summer sale planning to knit both my dad and Roland vests. Well, I finally got around to knitting one for dad this spring. When I told him I had blue and brown yarn and asked which he preferred, Mom answered with, “Blue.” Then Dad said, “I’d like brown. I don’t have much brown and I want a new look.”

So here’s his new look vest:
I followed the pattern for Petrol on Knitty modifying it for DK weight yarn. I ended up with enough yarn (for once). Actually, it took less yarn than what some of the charts recommended.

I love how this turned out!! It’s definitely my favourite project I’ve knit thus far.

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Mom’s Monday Morning

I’m knitting Laura Chau‘s Monday Morning Cardigan for my mom with Cascade 220 worsted weight yarn.

I cast on last night and I’m about 1″ into the sweater. So far so good and after reading the pattern over and over, it seems like a pretty straight forward knit. Just seems a bit daunting with 243 stitches per row! I hope it fits!!

Will post a shot later when there’s actually more than 1″ to photograph.

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Ocean Waves

I’m getting more into the habit of buying yarn with a definite project in mind. This wavy scarf in ocean hues is the result of the lovely yarn I bought a few weeks ago. The pattern came with the yarn and it’s a very simple drop stitch repeat knit entirely in garter stitches. I think my coworker will stay toasty warm in it this fall while he’s reminded of the ocean.

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Kinetic scarf

This scarf is finally done!! I cast on in April, knit 2/3 of it and put it aside to knit something summery. I couldn’t allow myself to cast on anything new until this was complete and now it is!

This is my version of Kinetic from Knitty made from 2 skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Instead of repeating the pattern twice for each row, I knit it just once to make a narrower scarf width.

I absolutely love the texture and rhythm of the fabric. The texture would probably pop more if I used a less fuzzy yarn but I wanted it ultra-cozy. Basically it was an easy knit…all knit or purl but it took forever since I had to follow the chart for each and every row.

But for my dad, it was totally worth it.

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Have I ever mentioned that I love Three Bags Full? They have a lovely broad selection of gorgeous yarns and helpful staff. So waiting in line for their 3rd Anniversary sale was worth it (way better than my ordeal of waiting in line for opening day ride on the Canada Line!!).

This is what I bought:

-Rowan felted tweed (blue for my dad, brown for Roland)
-Cascade 220 (grey) for my mom’s sweater
-Noro kuryon sock (red/brown/orange for a large shawl, green for a small shawl/wrap)

I am proud of my self-restraint–I stuck to my list of projects and didn’t buy any extra yarn. But then again there’s day 2 of the sale tomorrow….

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