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Dumpling Day

Homemade dumplings are a staple at our house. We pan fry them like potstickers or boil them for a quick meal or snack.

It’s always rewarding to make trays of dumplings to freeze and enjoy later but I find the most rewarding part of dumpling making is spending time talking and creating with the Kid.

Dumpling day is a bit of a ritual for us. I make the filling (finely chopped cabbage, lots of minced ginger, green onions or Chinese chives,  ground pork) and the Kid and I sit and wrap. The Kid is surprisingly helpful: he takes each wrapper and uses his fingers to paint water on the edges and hands them to me for filling. The beautiful part of the whole exercise is that we sit and talk. And talk and talk and talk.

Bonding with a child through food. It’s this mom’s dream come true.


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