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I bought some lovely Rowan Felted Tweed last year at the Three Bags Full summer sale planning to knit both my dad and Roland vests. Well, I finally got around to knitting one for dad this spring. When I told him I had blue and brown yarn and asked which he preferred, Mom answered with, “Blue.” Then Dad said, “I’d like brown. I don’t have much brown and I want a new look.”

So here’s his new look vest:
I followed the pattern for Petrol on Knitty modifying it for DK weight yarn. I ended up with enough yarn (for once). Actually, it took less yarn than what some of the charts recommended.

I love how this turned out!! It’s definitely my favourite project I’ve knit thus far.


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I’m in the midst of planning fall/winter knitting projects. It takes me ages to figure out my projects based on what’s in my stash, how much time I’ve got for each project and who it’s for. With the Three Bags Full Anniversary sale this weekend, I want to decide on what I’m going to make now and get some good deals on yarn.

My knitting project plans thus far:
-2 Monday Morning Cardigans from Cosmicpluto Knits! (one for my mom and one for me!)
-2 Men’s vest based on unisex vest from Lion Brand
-1 Shalom cardi
-a kid’s vest
-various scarves/neck warmers including a couple from Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr

And probably a few other little projects too.

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